Starting from 2020, following the path of the already consolidated collaborations with premium designers from all over the world, GIOBAGNARA started working with the renowned French designer Francesco Balzano, famous for his strong and sinuous identity, who designed for the brand a collection of astounding furnitures called "Ossicle".
Ossicle is a collection that comprises monolithic seats, benches and tables crafted with a carefully selected range of leather and marble colors and finishes.
Their monumental volumes originate from both primal monolithic and contemporary minimal features entwined, while the lines are a reference to the "Jeu des Osselets", which has roots dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome, reinterpreting it according to a modern visual and a sharp humous, creating the perfect balance between organic and pure geometric shapes.
The key to the designer's work is an unparalleled mix of noble materials, pure lines and essential functions of everyday lifestyle.
The singularity of each design is conceived as a sort of monolithic, sculptural piece that stands the test of time.
"My work is architectural and authentic; -says Francesco - it is a permanent tribute to the beauty of timeless things".
The constant exploration of the relationship between scale, light and space reveals the poetry of Balzano's creations.
He considers all of his work as a "family of objects" and aims to highlight every piece's emotional value through the dialogue between shapes and materials.
Francesco Balzano was born and grew up in Paris, yet his visual culture is imprinted with the images of Venice, Florence, Rome and Capri — where he used to spend his summer holidays.
He studied interior design and architecture, and then joined the famed studio of Joseph Dirand, working on prestigious projects.
In 2018, he opened his own studio and started designing custom and limited editions of furniture pieces for art and design galleries all over the world, whilst continuing his work as interior architect for private clients.